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Purchase shower facilitated VAT 4% and 10%

In the case of housing construction or renovations, shower enclosures, Hot box, the folding doors and shutters are produced that are among the finished goods referred to by the law. For which there are tax benefits that relate to the application of VAT reduced 4% and 10%.

Who can apply the facilitated VAT 4% or 10%?

(Building permit or DIA not expired)


VAT 4%:

– Construction of the building meets the requirements of the first house – pursuant to Article. 13 Law No.. 408/1949 (Legge Tupini)

– implementation of rural construction with residential destination – pursuant to Article. 39, DPR n. 917/1986


VAT 10%:

– Construction of the building requirements of NOT having first home – pursuant to Article. 13 Law No. 408/1949 (Legge Tupini)

– Conservative restoration – pursuant to Article. 31, became. c), Law No.. 457/1978

– Building renovation – pursuant to Article. 31, became. d), Law No.. 457/1978

– Urban restructuring – pursuant to Article. 31, became. is), Law No.. 457/1978


How to buy with the tax advantage?

To buy with tax breaks, you will need to send documentation, via first class mail or by registered mail or by mail with all the documents scanned and attached, which it is composed of:

– Declaration completed and signed

– A copy of the building permit or declaration login (MORNING)

– Copy of an identity document and tax code

to address:

GRANISUD says Rosalia Latassa

Via Procession

84039 Teggiano



After submitting documentation, you may proceed to order online, where i prices will be included VAT at 22%, in FIELD DETAILS the order will be required BRING BACK THE NAME with written “DOCUMENTATION SENT Reduced VAT”.

The GRANISUD having viewed the documents we will send you aNEW MAIL with the COUNTING CORRECTLY.

· Documentation reduced VAT – Download Attachment